Bali Cycling Operator

DSC_0852Bali Cycling Operator is an organizer of cycling program in Bali Island. Our services has been established from the year 2002, supported by Bali Cycling Federation. With experience implementing cycling events, training and preparation of decent bikes for sport cycling. We are provide a bicycle, escort cycling, biking locations, support car and all forms related to the sport of cycling. Bali Cycling Operator is willing to serve individuals, groups on race cycling, mountain bike touring, family cycling and triathlon training camp program. Bali Cycling Operator responsibility to development sport cycling in Bali. Bali island is suitable for cycling because it has beautiful scenery, culture and community in a friendly. Cycling location in coastal, mountain, rice field area and, villages. The cycling trial challenges and need to try to test the ability of cycling. I believe you can certainly enjoy life cycle for your better future. We will take you cycling area the low traffic,  can feel the charm of Bali and back to your home with happy.